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Akudjura (ground bush tomato)

Flavor: Sweet savory taste of tamarillo/caramel and similar to concentrated sun-dried tomatoes.
Appearance: Light brown free-flowing powder.
Uses: Sprinkle as a seasoning for soups, vegetables, salads, cheeses or pastries.  Salt or cheddar cheese enhances the flavor by balancing any bitterness. Use at 3 to 5% dry addition rate. Try it in biscuits or even ice-cream for something really different.

Alpine pepper

Flavor:  Mixed pepper blend with mountain pepper and pepperberry mixed with forest anise, inland groundwater salt, sumac and conventional pepper.
Appearance: Herb and pepper mix.
Uses - Use at the BBQ or grill an any meats or vegetables

Aniseed Myrtle

Flavor: Subtle Pernod-like aniseed flavor with a sweet aftertaste.
Appearance: A fine light green powder which can still provide texture in biscuits and cakes.
Uses: Use with white meats as a sprinkle, mixed in stuffing or part of a stock seasoning. Add to desserts (e.g. ice cream), cream cheese or bread. Extremely versatile flavoring. Oils are volatile and can dissipate with heat so best added as a post-preparation seasoning or cold-formulated. Use at around 0.5% (5g/kg) addition.

Aniseed Myrtle Oil

Flavor: Subtle pernod-like aniseed flavor with a sweet after taste.
Color and Appearance - Transparent pale yellow fluid.
Typical Use: Flavor cream, milk, oil, vinegar or stock for desserts, sauces, dressings. Suits apricot and pear flavors. Particularly good in ice-cream.
Helpful Hints: Flavor dissipates on heating so best used as a post-cooking flavoring at 2 to 4 drops per liter of product.
Special note - Pure essence available for food manufacturers.

Bunya Bunya Nuts (halved)

Flavor: Similar to chestnut with a subtle pine overtone.
Appearance: Starchy white flesh with yellow central stalk. Woody shell 50mm in length, 25mm wide.
Uses: Slice boiled nut meat and use as a garnish or flavoring. Re-fry boiled and nuts to make a pastry or use as a flavoring in desserts, sauces or garnishing. Use shells for smoking meats. To remove meat from halved nuts simply bring the nuts to a boil in a minimum quantity of water (just covered).
Storage Frozen

Bush Tomato

Flavor: Strong tamarillo/caramel character. The darker berries tend to be more bitter.
Appearance: Approx. 10-13mm in diameter, red/brown and round with a texture similar to dried raisins.
Uses: Chop coarsely for focaccia, antipasto, chutneys, sauces etc. If product e.g. chutney or sauce is too bitter, use less bush tomato and/or add salt.
Storage: Dry.  Approx. 1,300 fruits per kg.

Bush Tomato Chutney

Flavor: Akudjura (ground bush tomato) in a tomato apple base.
Appearance - Orange/red chutney with some ingredients diced.
Uses - Accompanies red meat, pies or vegetables. Embellish with chopped tomato and basil for 'Bushetta'. Use as a pizza or pasta sauce. Cover left over chutney with a thin layer of oil and refrigerate for long term storage
Storage - Refrigerate after opening  2kg food service bags.

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