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andrew fielke’s
food service range

Andrew Fielke is one of the most creative chefs in Australia, especially when it comes to working with Australian indigenous foods.

Andrew has been developing his exciting food service range incorporating the native flavors of australia for some time, and his growing range of prepared food products gives chefs a range of products that is sure to fire up their menu.

All of Andrew’s products are amazing, and we look forward to introducing you to his existing products, as well as his new products as they become available.

At this stage we have only a limited range of Andrew’s products, but we hope to see this expand quickly. The current products available in the USA are:

Semi Dried Rivermint Tomatoes
Tangy sweet tomatoes flavoured with Rivermint ginger syrup

Semi Dried Lemon Myrtle Tomatoes
Tangy sweet tomatoes flavoured with Lemon myrtle & garlic syrup

Semi Dried Pepperleaf Tomatoes
Tangy sweet tomatoes flavoured with mountain Pepperleaf syrup

Sweet Chillimint Sauce
An exceptional sweet hot sauce with a “minty” character from Australia’s wild Rivermint

Sweet Tomato Lemon Myrtle Chilli Sauce
eautifully balanced sweet hot tomato sauce with the citrus tang of lemon myrtle

Lemon Aspen Coconut Dressing
creamy dressing with distinctive citrus flavour – no added fat/oil

Sticky Bush Tomato Balsamic
sweet sharp syrupy dressing with bush tomato pieces

Green Tomato Pepperleaf Relish
superb tangy relish with mild Pepperleaf flavour

Caramelised Aniseed Myrtle Figs
superb figs in sticky caramel & Aniseed Myrtle leaves – excellent with cheeses

Desert Lime Dill Mustard Dressing
sweet sour dressing with mild mustard heat, flecks of desert lime &  dill throughout – brilliant yellow & green colours