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to the unique bush foods
indigenous to Australia
known to the aboriginal people for centuries
but now available in North America


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In the years I have been working with these amazing products, I have continued to learn and be amazed at what you can do with them - it has been a journey of discovery that is still going. .

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”practice safe cooking - always use cherikoff condiments
vic cherikoff

It has also been my pleasure to work with Vic Cherikoff, who is widely regarded as the founder of the Australian bush foods industry. Every time I talk with Vic I learn something new, and the depth of his knowledge, let alone his passion, is unfathomable. Not to say there are not others with the passion - Andrew Fielke, one of the best chef’s in Australia, is another, and we are working to also bring some of his superb rubs and prepared foods into the US.

I can also tell you that using these ingredients in your cooking will generate a real wow factor - friends & customers are almost guaranteed to go “wow this is good”, even if they aren’t sure what it is that is making it taste so good. These unique products are certainly distinctive, but they are also certainly not weird - you will find the base flavor to be similar enough to the familiar flavors we use everyday, but they all have an added dimension that makes them really stand out. 

One word of caution - a lot of products have been released in Australia that use bush food ingredients just to try to be different. Some of these are great products, but our focus, as with all of our products, is on products that are produced with passion and are seriously good. Our corporate philosophy is Serious Food, Serious Wine, Serious Fun”


Get some products and experiment and let your imagination be your guide. Part of what I love about bush foods is that most of them work just as well in a dessert as they do in a savory. The easiest is to start substituting them for the similar basic flavors, and then go from there.

Start with the basics - Oz lemon is a special formulation of lemon myrtle, one of the best known australian spices that has the familiar flavor of lemon grass, but way more intense and complex. Alpine Pepper is another - a blend that showcases Pepperberry - an Australian pepper that comes from the only pepper tree not genetically related to regular black pepper.

Another basic is Wattleseed - available both ground and as an extract. Wattleseed has an exotic coffee, chocolate and hazelnut flavor and Wattleseed ice cream is to die for - just substitute wattleseed extract for vanilla in your favorite recipe, or look for the amazing quickie ice cream recipe on our recipes page.

Being a cheese lover myself, I would also highly recommend Glace Riberry - it’s amazing berry-clove-woodsy cinnamon flavor that is both sweet and peppery on Jindi Tripe Cream cheese will have you hooked. Last time I did this at a dinner party, the guests kept talking about how good it was through dinner! We can ship you the Jindi Triple Cream cheese too.

I have put some recipe ideas on our recipe page, and I really recommend Vic‘s just released new cookbook based on his upcoming Dining Downunder PBS television series.


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I look forward to hearing from you and to being able to share some of the exciting flavors of my homeland, Australia.

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John Beatty
Australian Artisanal Founder