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Davidson’s Plum

Flavor: Very sour plum flavor.
Appearance:  Brilliant burgundy color. Fruits vary in size from grape to large plum sized.
Uses: - Sweetened, can be a good substitute for quandong in sauces, dressings, desserts. Ideal for sweet and sour sauces.
Helpful Hints - In dressings with oil, Davidson's plums turn a bright pink. Use as a substitute for tamarind in satay sauces or for that delicious tang.
Storage - Frozen

Forestberry Herb

Flavor: Strong passionfruit, berry characters with back notes of cumin and caraway
Appearance:  A free-flowing green powder
Uses - A natural fruit flavor enhancer. Idea for berry, tropical or stone fruits. Use in ice cream, sauces, dressings or fruit compotes. Use at around 0.5% (5g/1kg) for primary flavor and 0.1% or less for fruit enhancement

Gumleaf Oil

Flavor:  Eucalyptus flavor.
Appearance - Transparent pale yellow fluid.
Uses:  In combination with caramel or honey in desserts or with coriander, garlic or honey in savory sauces. Dilute and dab onto smoked salmon or BBQ meats. Gumleaf oil is food grade. Very strong, so use sparingly at around 2 to 4 drops per liter of oil, sauce, anglais etc.

Illawarra Plums

Flavor: Plum-like in flavor with a little less sweetness and a pleasant yet subtle resinous quality which is enhanced with cooking.
Appearance: Deep purple, seedless, size of a large grape.
Uses:  Compliments chili and garlic as well as sweet uses. Use in sauces, preserves, muffins, cheesecakes and fruit compotes.
Helpful Hints - Use stainless steel utensils not aluminum to prevent bitterness. Blend fruit before cooking or if serving cooked, add lemon juice or vinegar to diced fruit.
Storage – Frozen   (approx. 340 fruits/kg)

Illawarra Plum Sauce

Flavor: Rich plum sauce with subtle pine flavor of Illawarra plum.
Appearance: Thick dark purple sauce.
Uses:  As a finishing topping for meat and vegetables, a dipping sauce for crudités  Use as a marinade or a different pizza sauce. Embellish with freshly chopped chili if desired.
Storage and Packaging Sizes - Refrigerate after opening, Dry, 2 kg export quality bags.

Kakadu Plums

Flavor: Subtle apricot.
Appearance: Pale green olive sized fruit with a stone that clings to the fruit flesh as in a mango.
Uses: The name and reputation of this product is a selling point so use raw fruit strips or pickle whole in sweet vinegar and use as a garnish. Note that this is the World's highest fruit source of vitamin C. Slice the flesh off the seed while frozen or cook the fruit and strain the juice.
Storage  Frozen  (approx. 420 fruits/kg)

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