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Rainforest Lime Splash

Flavor: delicious wild lime flavor.
Appearance: Lemon.
Uses: At the grill when cooking any red or white meat, this splash seasoning makes use of juices on the meat and the wild lime flavor cooks on to enhance the natural character of the meat. Splash over the grill or add into sauces - especially tasty with chicken. Refrigerate after opening

Rainforest Rub

Flavor: An aromatic citrus mixture with dried lemon aspen fruit with top notes of lemon myrtle and a base mix of (vegetarian) chicken stock and macadamia nut pieces
Appearance: Pale yellow color with milled spices, herbs and nut pieces. Try on chicken, pork or even red meats either as a finishing touch, a dry marinade or as a topping for vegetables.

Red Desert Dust

Flavor: Australian Cajun seasoning powered with mountain pepper and native pepperberries.
Appearance: Orange/red with milled spices, herbs and grains.
Uses – versatile seasoning.

Riberry (glacé)

Flavor: Cinnamon and clove.
Appearance: Pink/red, pear shape approx. 10-15mm in length.
Uses: stir-frying, sauces, muffins, cakes and preserves. Will lose pink color on cooking but will generally regain it on standing. Do not over-cook. Superb with cheese.
Storage: Frozen  (approx. 2000 fruits/kg)

Sugarbag (Native Australian bee honey)

Flavor: Honey and mellow port flavor. Thin consistency.
Uses:  Enhanced with cream or in ice-cream or use as a drizzle. Use cold to maximize the flavor which disappears with heat. Sugarbag is made by native Australian stingless black bees which are about 5mm to 10mm in size. Due to the introduction of the european bees, this bee is in danger of extinction.


Flavor - Coffee-chocolate-hazelnut.
Appearance: Dark brown, free-flowing coffee-like roasted grounds.
Uses:  Use as a flavoring for sweet or savory sauces or in batter, desserts and baked foods. Boil in water to soften grounds and extract flavor then add both liquid and grounds or either separately.

Wattleseed Extract

Flavor: Coffee-chocolate-hazelnut
Appearance:  Dark brown, liquid
Uses:  As for Wattleseed, use as a flavoring for sweet or savory sauces or in batter, desserts and baked foods. Use at 2-4% addition. Add to whipped cream to flavor and stabilize the cream. Add to tahini or peanut butter to stop separation.

Wild Rosella

Flavor: Tart raspberry and rhubarb taste.
Appearance:  Bright red and flower shaped with a length of about 25-40mm.
Uses: sauces, pie fillings, pastries, ice-cream, sorbets, syrups and as a garnish. Soak in sugar syrup to reduce tartness and use as garnish. Also available as Spreadable Rosella.
Storage: Frozen (approx. 210 fruits per kg)

Wildfire spice

Flavor:  An interesting spice blend with a lemony twist and complementary herb notes.
Appearance: Herb and paprika mix.
Uses:  Use at the BBQ or grill an any meats or vegetables.

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