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Akudjura (pronounced with the emphasis on the “CUD: syllable) is an Anglicized version of an aborigninal term for the bush tomato. It has come to refer to the crushed version of bush tomato. The flavor is a pungent sharp tamarillo - caramilized sun-dried tomato flavor. Akudjura can be added directly to any dish - it does not require further preparation.

Uses: as a seasoning for soups, vegetables, salads, cheese.

Combination with other Indigenous Foods:  Go with:  native pepper, wattleseed, bunya nuts, wild thyme, warrigal greens. Do not go with:  lemon aspen, wild rosella, limes, riberry.

Other recommended combinations: chili, pepper, brown sugar, tomatoes, onions, eggplants and potatoes. makes a great ice cream, and blended with brown sugar, creates a wonderful crust for lamb.

Note: If used too liberally, the bitter edge can easily predominate. A maximum ratio of one part akudjura to ten parts other ingredients is a good guide. 100g of akudjura in 1kg of fresh tomatoes will deliver a predominate flavor of bush tomato.

Akudjura expands and absorbs liquid on cooking, and so acts as a good thickening agent.

For further discussion, see Bush Tomato.

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