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Tasmania, a verdant island in one of the most isolated latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere. Situated on the 42nd parallel it represents one of the remotest and oldest land forms on Earth (we share this latitude only with the South Island of New Zealand  and Chile). This location on the globe sees its prevailing atmospheric conditions as predominantly Westerly, called the Roaring Forties.

These winds bring moisture-laden air from the Great Southern Ocean to fall as rain across Tasmania, The mountainous Western portion of the Island receiving up to 2 metres of rain annually. This is the environment where the rainforests that contain the Leatherwood trees  occur.

Geographically the Island  represents one of the oldest landforms on earth, and as such has many unique  species of fauna and flora.

As an indication as to the cleanliness of the atmosphere here in Tasmania the W.H.O. (World Health  Organization) has an air monitoring station in the far North West of the island,  and the results set the standard for best air quality.

In 1999 our committment  to the environment was recognised with the inaugural World Environment Day  Awards for Evironment Excellence by the Government of Tasmania.