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It is in the valleys of the Western  mountain region that the Leatherwood tree (Eucryphia Lucida) is found as part of a diverse rainforest community. The tree, which gets its name from the  leathery texture of its leaves, grows typically to 10 - 15 meters with occasional  indivuals to 30 metres. The trees are at their most productive stage when  they mature which means at 100 plus years, with a life expectancy of 250 years  and longer. The Leatherwood trees begin to flower in January and continue until late March weather permitting. The tree bears an abundance of extremely delicate white flowers that possess the unusual perfume that is captured in  the honey produced from them. Leatherwood honey has been recognised by connoisseurs of food around the world for over 150 years.

The special appreciation for Leatherwood honey has been earned from a number of aspects,
Its unusual flavour, piquant aroma and its complex lingering palate.
Its quality factors, bright golden colour, low moisture and balance  of sugars.
The healthy vitality contained in this truly organic food, produced  as it is from the wilderness forests where no form of pollution exists.

We think of Leatherwood  honey as a distillate of our ancient wilderness, when you taste it, close your eyes and think of the rainforest... you will be amazed!

Available in:
       350g (approx 3/4lb)Can
       750g (approx. 1.65lb) can
other sizes available on special order: