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the essence and vitality of the tasmanian wilderness -
leatherwood honey from the pristine tasmanian rainforests is one of the world’s finest and rarest honeys. 

from the pristine tasmanian wilderness, pure honey, the way it is meant to be!

Tasmanian Honey is one of the purest honeys available - between the purity of the pollen and the cleanest air in the world, Tasmanian honey is full honey flavor. To maintain purity, the Tasmanian Honey Company  has developed their own special process from collection to extraction through packaging process that realises the complete recovery of all the natural floral essences and wild vitality of the Leatherwood  flower.

The Tasmanian Honey Company uses a cold temperature  processing technique that avoids the over-refinement and damage caused to honey by high temprature extraction and packaging, coupled with filtration, that is the  norm in most commercially available honey. As a result,  Tasmanian leatherwood honey is not a clear liquid but a light coloured, fine candied type with a “set” consistency. It is this candied state that is your guarantee that the honey has not been changed or damaged by temperature or by over-processing.

The purity of our honey  is widely recognised, each crop being sampled and independently tested for a number of pollutants.  None has ever been found. Leatherwood honey has proved very consistent to type averaging 95-99% on pollen analysis, where  the international standard accepts a minimum for a named floral source to  be 70%. This means that within any sample of honey that there are a possible variety of flowers visited by the bees from which the nectar is collected.